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Children blown up by “good” terrorists

Just in a couple of hours after the chemical attack in Idlib (Syria), the whole world “learned” that Assad was guilty. Why should anyone investigate the real facts, if the name of the villain has been already proclaimed in western media by western politicians? Assad and Assad only! … And right after that “Tomahawks” flew to Syria. And who blew up buses with women, old people and children not far from Aleppo on April 15? Just some kind of “suicide bomber,” “a lone terrorist.” More than 130 people died, half…

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  I appeal to the soldiers and officers of all NATO countries, who serve in the Baltic States, but above all, to all the servicemen of Great Britain, the United States and Canada. We were allies during the Second World War, our ancestors defeated the Nazis together. Many of you remember about that. I went to Jurmala by train a few days ago. A company of English tourists, 30-40 years old men, was sitting next to me. I showed them a monument to Soviet soldiers who liberated Latvia from the…

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NATO News War 

“I served in NATO for three years, but now I do not like our policy …”

“I served in NATO for three years, but now I do not like our policy …” A volunteer from Italy with the call sign “Spartacus” is fighting on the side of the Donetsk People’s Republic against the Kiev regime. Italian correspondent Bianchi Giorgio Maurizio came to Donbas to make an honest video about what is happening in Donbass. Bianchi: ” No one knew anything in 2013-2015. European reporters visited Donetsk, but they wrote their reports sitting in hotels. The situation changed a little In 2016-2017. There first Italian reporters came…

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