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Children blown up by “good” terrorists

Just in a couple of hours after the chemical attack in Idlib (Syria), the whole world “learned” that Assad was guilty. Why should anyone investigate the real facts, if the name of the villain has been already proclaimed in western media by western politicians? Assad and Assad only! … And right after that “Tomahawks” flew to Syria.

And who blew up buses with women, old people and children not far from Aleppo on April 15? Just some kind of “suicide bomber,” “a lone terrorist.” More than 130 people died, half of them children but nobody is interested in any kind of investigation. Why?

The buses were driven by the inhabitants of the Shiite villages of El Fua and Kefrai. The government of Syria concluded a deal with opposition about the unhindered exit of approximately 30,000 civilians from the besieged territories.

Part of the opposition rejected the deal. The Falak al-Sham organization, shelling cities and villages where Shiites live, announced it would not allow the departure of civilians. Syria is sure that Falak al-Sham sent a suicide bomber to blow up buses.

But both Europe and the United States believe that “Falak al-Sham” is a moderate opposition. Good guys who are fighting against Assad. They do not care that these good guys are the best friends and allies of jihadists from Jebhat al-Nusra (the Syrian branch of Al-Qaeda). Nobody in the West cares that they blow up buses with women and children. The main thing is that they are against Assad. Good guys, superheroes, fighters for democracy.

There will be no serious investigation for sure and Tomahawks will not fly to punish murderers from Falak al-Sham.

Bin Laden was also a good guy when fighting against Russians.

While the terrorists are divided into “ours” and “theirs”, this terrorist nightmare will not stop.

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